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Living Invitations 19

September 4, 20170 Comments

Our Living Invitations series continues on Online Ministry Training with Part 19. In this message we begin a discussion on “fellowship”. For the purpose of our discussion, we will spend the next few messages talking about some of the “one another” verses and how they impact fellowship. Our relationship with God and our relationship with people in relationship with God are eternal. This reality makes the importance of fellowship stand out. We were not designed to walk this life in Christ alone. We were made to do it in the context of relationship with other believers. This weeks message is the introduction to this fellowship sub-series. Over the next three weeks we will focus on the importance of unity, love and humility as it relates to fellowship.

Living Invitations Part 19 Ministry Chat

August 30, 20170 Comments

This week’s Living Invitation ministry chat will help us start our discussion on fellowship here on Online Ministry Training. Fellowship is the relationship we have with other believers in Christ. These relationships are vital for all of us. When you think about it, our relationship with God and our relationships with people in relationship with God are eternal. Unlike most of the things of our life, which are temporary, we will be in relationship withe other believers forever. Thinking this way helps us to see how important and amazing fellowship is. To help us in this discussion, we will be looking at some of the “one another” verses that run throughout the New Testament.

Living Invitations 18

August 27, 20170 Comments

We are posting our Living Invitations series here on Online Ministry Training as well as the Preaching in Shorts website. This weeks message wraps up the sub-series on discipleship. Over the last tow messages we talked about counting the cost of being a disciple. In this message we talk about being yoked to Jesus and being willing to pick up the towel. The yoke is about submitting our will to His and learning from Him by following His example for life. Picking up the towel is about having a servants heart. As we do these things as His disciples we are able to experience rest for our souls, the full and abundant now and forever life that Jesus came for us to have.

Numbers Study Chapter 3

August 24, 20170 Comments

Our Online Ministry Training Bible Study continues this week in Numbers Chapter 3. The first two chapters of the Book of Numbers prepares the people of Israel for their march towards the promised land by getting them counted and organized for the journey and for the battles that awaited them. This chapter gets the Levites counted and prepared for the ministry that God has for them in taking care of the Tabernacle and other ministry duties including assisting the priests, Aaron and his two remaining sons. The priests are a picture of our great high priest Jesus, and the Levites are a good picture of the church as the hands and feet of Jesus.

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