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Living Invitations Part 19 Ministry Chat

August 30, 20170 Comments

This week’s Living Invitation ministry chat will help us start our discussion on fellowship here on Online Ministry Training. Fellowship is the relationship we have with other believers in Christ. These relationships are vital for all of us. When you think about it, our relationship with God and our relationships with people in relationship with God are eternal. Unlike most of the things of our life, which are temporary, we will be in relationship withe other believers forever. Thinking this way helps us to see how important and amazing fellowship is. To help us in this discussion, we will be looking at some of the “one another” verses that run throughout the New Testament.

Living Invitations Part 18 Ministry Chat

August 24, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat for Living Invitations Part 18. As we prepare for this weekends message to finish up our sub series on discipleship we are going to be talking about a yoke and a towel. Having counted the cost of being a disciple in our last two messages, this week we are looking at teaming up with Jesus by being yoked to Him. A yoke is a farming implement that puts two oxen together so that they can share the burden. We are invited to be yoked to Jesus who carries the burden and leads the way for us. We are also going to look at the last supper and talk about how Jesus picked up the towel and washed His disciples feet demonstrating that the heart of a real disciple is one of servant hood.

Living Invitations Part 17 Ministry Chat

August 16, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat continues our discussion on being a disciple. We will be looking at few passages from the book of Luke and we will focus on the the idea that the foundation for being a disciple is love. Our highest love has to be for God above everyone and everything else. As we make Him our highest love, we will love others better.

Living Invitations Part 16 Ministry Chat

August 12, 20170 Comments

This weeks ministry chat on Online Ministry Training continues our Living Invitations series but transitions the main topic from mission to discipleship. This is an important transition. Our mission statement is One More. But we also add a hyphen to that and include All In. One More – All In. The All In is about being a disciple. We want people who come to the know the Lord to be fully engaged disciples. Loving God all in; heart, mind, soul and strength.

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