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Living Invitations Part 17 Ministry Chat

August 16, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat continues our discussion on being a disciple. We will be looking at few passages from the book of Luke and we will focus on the the idea that the foundation for being a disciple is love. Our highest love has to be for God above everyone and everything else. As we make Him our highest love, we will love others better.

Living Invitations Part 16 Ministry Chat

August 12, 20170 Comments

This weeks ministry chat on Online Ministry Training continues our Living Invitations series but transitions the main topic from mission to discipleship. This is an important transition. Our mission statement is One More. But we also add a hyphen to that and include All In. One More – All In. The All In is about being a disciple. We want people who come to the know the Lord to be fully engaged disciples. Loving God all in; heart, mind, soul and strength.

Living Invitations Part 15 Ministry Chat

August 4, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat is the fifteenth in our Living Invitations Series. We will be finishing up our discussion on “mission” this week by looking at 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. We will break down each of the verses but will wrap up by talking about verse 21: “He made him who had no sin to become sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God.” Becoming the righteousness of God is about being right with God in Christ and then living by trying to do the next right thing as we yield to the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us. Living life in a way that makes a difference to the world around us so that pre-christians can find their way into the Kingdom of God.

Living Invitations Part 14 Ministry Chat

July 25, 20170 Comments

Each week on Online Ministry Training we like to post a little video chat about the sermon coming up on the weekend. This is an opportunity to prepare to get the most out of the message. We will be continuing in our discussion on mission. We will focus on three important parts of our mission, radical generosity, radical message, and radical hospitality. I use the word radical in the sense of doing something different. We need to be generous in our outreach, we need to be proclaiming the gospel, and we need be be a place where people feel welcomed when they come. All for one more!

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