Leviticus Study Chapter 24-27

July 27, 20170 Comments

As we complete our study on Leviticus this week on Online Ministry Training we will look at four very interesting concepts from Leviticus 24 and Leviticus 25. I want to encourage you to take the time to watch this study and hear about the lamp stand and the bread of presence and how they both relate to Christ and to all of us who believe. Also, the sabbath year and the year of jubilee give some great insight on our relationship with God in Christ.

Leviticus Study Chapter 23

July 20, 20170 Comments

Our study of Leviticus continues on Online Ministry Training as we dig into Chapter 23. This chapter was extremely important to the life of the children of Israel. It sets apart the dates and times for the seven appointed feasts that they were to observe each year. One of those feasts is “Atonement” which could not be missed at the sake of being outcast from the people of Israel. For us, as followers of Christ, these seven feasts paint an amazing prophetic picture of salvation. The seven feasts are: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. Jesus has perfectly fulfilled the first three, the Holy Spirit fulfilled the fourth one, and we are currently waiting for trumpet sound to see number five fulfilled.

Leviticus Study Chapter 17-22

July 6, 20170 Comments

Our study in Leviticus continues on Online Ministry Training as we look at Leviticus Chapters 17-22. In Chapter 17 we see two prohibitions that God gives His people. The first is the prohibition of idolatry. Putting anything before or above God is prohibited. The misuse or abuse of blood is also prohibited for God’s people. This video will take a closer look at both these prohibitions. All of these chapters are leading up to Chapter 23 which describes the seven feasts of Israel and an amazing look at salvation in Jesus.

Leviticus Study Chapter 11-16

June 29, 20170 Comments

Our journey through Leviticus continues on Online Ministry Training. This week we covered six chapters of Leviticus. Chapters 11 through 15 are about the laws that were established to help the people of Israel live holy lives. We concentrated our discussion on Chapter 16 which is about atonement. The reality is that we will never be holy by trying to keep the law. In order to be right before God we need Jesus.

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