Numbers Study Chapter 3

August 24, 20170 Comments

Our Online Ministry Training Bible Study continues this week in Numbers Chapter 3. The first two chapters of the Book of Numbers prepares the people of Israel for their march towards the promised land by getting them counted and organized for the journey and for the battles that awaited them. This chapter gets the Levites counted and prepared for the ministry that God has for them in taking care of the Tabernacle and other ministry duties including assisting the priests, Aaron and his two remaining sons. The priests are a picture of our great high priest Jesus, and the Levites are a good picture of the church as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Numbers Study Chapter 2

August 10, 20170 Comments

Our study through the book of Numbers continues here on Online Ministry Training. In this study we look at the powerful message of God dwelling with His people. In the imagery given in Numbers 2 we see how God arranges His people for the march and for battle and how He is present in their midst to guide and help them on their journey. It is also a powerful chapter on the relationship between God and His people and between believers in relationship to each other. It is important to know how we fit individually and corporately into the family of God.

Numbers Study Chapter 1

August 3, 20170 Comments

We are starting a new Bible Study on the Book of Numbers here on Online Ministry Training. Numbers is an interesting book but it can be challenging at times. It is important to remember that all scripture is God-breathed and that it is worth the effort to dig into the more challenging books of the Bible. The book of Numbers ultimately praises God in numbers. It records the incredible faithfulness of God as He organizes the people of Israel to march to the promised land. In this chapter we will talk about how the promised land relates to us as believers today and also about our names being written in the book of life.

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