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May 15, 2017

Would you like to have more visitors at your church? We are going to do a series of Church Marketing articles here at Online Ministry Training. If the answer to the more visitors question is yes, then you may find the articles helpful. Having new visitors on your weekends makes things a lot more interesting. We enjoy a steady flow of visitors at our weekend celebrations. Some of them are just passing through while they are on vacation. Others are local people, some who have just moved into the area and others who have been here for a long time but have decided they want to go to or go back to church. When people in you area are looking for a church, how do they find yours? That’s where church marketing comes in. Maybe the idea of marketing your church sounds funny to you. Maybe it seems un-spiritual to you somehow. If we are praying and being the church shouldn’t the people just show up? While praying and being the church are certainly a huge part of the equation, with all of the things competing for people’s time we need to make sure that the people in our communities know that we are there.

One of the best ways to start this journey is to do a little church marketing research. A great place to start your research is The Association of Religion Data Archives ( They provide amazing data about your community for free.

The first thing to do at The Association of Religion Data Archives is to look for the U.S. Congregational Membership Report.

Enter your zip code into the field and you will have access to a wealth of information about your community.

I will be using our area for demonstration purposes. These results represent our entire county. I live in the Florida Keys, which is a string of islands that run about 120 miles that are linked together by bridges. The population for our county is around 80,000. My island has a population of about 4000 people. In a 20 mile radius(which is the outer limits of how far someone would drive to church down here as traffic moves slowly and that 20 miles would take 35 minutes) we can reach about 25% of that number or 20,000 people. This first bar graph is one of my favorites. I like the big chunk of people represented as unclaimed. I get excited about thinking how they can be claimed for the Kingdom. These are the people that we are reaching out to. There are 48,000 unclaimed people represented on the graph. If 25% of them live in my area, that means there are 12,000 people that I would like to see get claimed for the Kingdom of God.

As you scroll down beneath the bar graph you can get some ideas about how the churches in your community are currently doing.

Being the only Vineyard church in the county really helps me with this information. At the 2010 census we had 790 people identify as attending Vineyard. That number represents adults and children. Our personal attendance records for 2010 show that we were averaging 500 people at our weekend services so that number bears out as very accurate for us. Take time to press through the various tabs on the report to see the data displayed in different ways. Knowing who you are reaching out to will shape how you plan your church marketing.

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