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Living Invitations Part 18 Ministry Chat

August 24, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat for Living Invitations Part 18. As we prepare for this weekends message to finish up our sub series on discipleship we are going to be talking about a yoke and a towel. Having counted the cost of being a disciple in our last two messages, this week we are looking at teaming up with Jesus by being yoked to Him. A yoke is a farming implement that puts two oxen together so that they can share the burden. We are invited to be yoked to Jesus who carries the burden and leads the way for us. We are also going to look at the last supper and talk about how Jesus picked up the towel and washed His disciples feet demonstrating that the heart of a real disciple is one of servant hood.

Living Invitations 17

August 21, 20170 Comments

We are continuing our Living Invitations series here on Online Ministry Training. In this weeks message we are talking once again about discipleship. We are using a passage in Luke to help look at the cost of a being a disciple. We need to love God all in. Our love for Him is to be our highest priority. As we love Him like this, we will love others better. We need to realize that this life is not all about us. It is some about us but it is all about Jesus! We are change in God’s pocket and He can spend us however He wants. Understanding that this is His story, He is the noun and we are the adjectives will allow us to experience the full and abundant life He has provided for us.

Marketing with What is Trending

Marketing with What is Trending

August 19, 20170 Comments

Part of what we offer here on Online Ministry Training is to think about ways to do marketing for the church. This week we were thinking about what to do in the way of a little Facebook promotional video. Much of the talk in the news this week was about the Solar Eclipse that is about to happen. There was also story after story about the glasses that you would need to be able to watch the eclipse happen. So, we combined a video of the eclipse, with a little play on the word sun, and mentioned that no special glasses would be required to attend services. Check out the short video below that we boosted on Facebook for two days for a cost of twenty dollars.

Living Invitations Part 17 Ministry Chat

August 16, 20170 Comments

This weeks Online Ministry Training ministry chat continues our discussion on being a disciple. We will be looking at few passages from the book of Luke and we will focus on the the idea that the foundation for being a disciple is love. Our highest love has to be for God above everyone and everything else. As we make Him our highest love, we will love others better.

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