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Living Invitations 16

August 14, 20170 Comments

The Living Invitations series continues this week on Online Ministry Training with an introduction into discipleship. What is discipleship? What is a disciple? In this message we dig into a few verses from the gospel of John to help get the discussion started. We introduce the idea that an All In love for God is the heart and soul of being a disciple.

Living Invitations Part 16 Ministry Chat

August 12, 20170 Comments

This weeks ministry chat on Online Ministry Training continues our Living Invitations series but transitions the main topic from mission to discipleship. This is an important transition. Our mission statement is One More. But we also add a hyphen to that and include All In. One More – All In. The All In is about being a disciple. We want people who come to the know the Lord to be fully engaged disciples. Loving God all in; heart, mind, soul and strength.

Numbers Study Chapter 2

August 10, 20170 Comments

Our study through the book of Numbers continues here on Online Ministry Training. In this study we look at the powerful message of God dwelling with His people. In the imagery given in Numbers 2 we see how God arranges His people for the march and for battle and how He is present in their midst to guide and help them on their journey. It is also a powerful chapter on the relationship between God and His people and between believers in relationship to each other. It is important to know how we fit individually and corporately into the family of God.

Living Invitations 15

August 8, 20170 Comments

Our series on being Living Invitations continues on Online Ministry Training. In this message we wrapped up our discussion on mission. We talked about the importance of 2 Corinthians 5:21 and becoming His righteousness. I defined righteousness as being right with God in Christ and then living by trying to do the next right thing. I also made the connection of one of our weekly statements to the verse. Every week we remind ourselves to be thankful for 5 things, encourage 2 people, so that we can get 1 lost child back to Dad. 5-2-1.

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